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Solid Soaps & Accessories


Solid Face + Body Cleansers • Reusable Makeup Remover Pads + Containers
Facial Toners • Plastic Free Soap Accessories


We’re proud to provide vegan eco-friendly soaps free of palm oil and all-in-one soaps that work as cleanser, shampoo, and shaving bars. These are free of plastic packaging, and they’re good for your skin and the planet. Green Ocean Co. offers zero-waste solid soap plus eco-friendly makeup remover and facial toners, all made with all-natural ingredients.

Swap single-use facial rounds or makeup remover pads with natural, reusable pads that can go into your washer and return to your vanity or bathroom to be used again and again.

Try these products and you’ll discover that sustainable cleansing smells good, wastes little, and helps the planet by supporting efforts to save our oceans. Shop our collection of solid soap and facial products and help reduce household and plastic waste.