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Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable Market & Grocery Bags that eliminate the need for single use plastic bags when shopping.

Do the planet and especially our oceans a favor and eliminate plastic from your shopping excursions. It’s easy with reusable shopping bags from Green Ocean Co. Try compostable produce and bulk foods bags to eliminate using those grocery store plastic bags that are nearly impossible to open. We offer sustainable shopping bags made from natural, renewable materials, as well as compostable reusable produce bags.

Reusable grocery bags will soon replace all plastic in most stores. Get a head start on sustainable shopping with eco-friendly shopping bags from Green Ocean Co. With each purchase, we’ll donate at least 1 percent of the sale to ocean cleanup efforts. Next time you leave for the grocery store or any retail shop, be sure to bring one of our reusable tote bags with you. You’ll be taking an important step toward sustainability. The earth and especially its oceans will benefit.