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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products from Green Ocean Co. help you create a healthier, more sustainable kitchen environment. Choose zero waste kitchen cleaning products like our versatile vegan soap block. It cleans your dishes but has so many other uses as well: use it on laundry and carpet stains, kitchen counters, or to get those pesky sticky spots off jars when the labels peel off. Rest it atop our bamboo soap shelf, made of sustainable materials, to use in the kitchen or bathroom.

Our biodegradable Swedish dishcloths dry quickly, discouraging bacteria. Our eco-friendly kitchen sponges are biodegradable and compostable, made from loofah plants. They expand with moisture and squeeze out like traditional sponges, but contain no plastics, and they are easily disinfected with vinegar or a five-minute bath in boiling water. We also offer scrub pads and sustainable dish brushes made from coconut fibers.

Shop our collection of sustainable kitchen cleaning products and make your kitchen a more earth-friendly place today!