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Why Green Ocean Co?

Posted by Maggie D'Angelo on

Many of you now know that I recently launched Green Ocean Co. (which I'm very excited about BTW, WAHOO!!) but I'm pretty sure many of you also thought...where in the world did this come from?!? Don't worry, I'm not offended :) but I wanted to share the backstory and the why behind Green Ocean Co. 

I'll skip the whole life story, and bring you to the last 10 years. I've had a successful career working in HR for some pretty awesome companies. I worked hard to climb the ladder, always striving for more. I was married, beyond happy and certainly had a lot of fun.

In September 2013, I became a Mom. 

I didn't know it then, but this would be the turning point for me in a lot of different ways. Not only is becoming a Mom the most amazing life-changing experience, but my prospective changed, my desires changed and my goals changed. I didn't care anymore about the money, the title or the next step up the ladder. I cared so much more about time. Time with my son, time with my family and obsessing over making sure every minute was spent the right way (cue allll the working Mom guilt of working all day, while my new baby boy spent his days in daycare).

It was also during my maternity leave that I had extra time on my hands (yes, exhausted, emotional, super busy and bored all at the same time) and I ended up watching several documentaries that would open my eyes to all the small decisions humans make every day that are drastically and rapidly effecting our planet. 

Fast forward to the most recent 2 years, we welcome a second son. And again, allll the Mom guilt but also a lot of worry about the future - one that will directly impact my boys lives.

I started learning, researching and listening to my friends and was surprised to find that many of the very smart people around me were seemingly unaware. Unaware that their plastic bags can be recycled, that their K-Cups are horrible for the planet and that plastic bottles and straws are destroying our oceans.

And that brings us to Green Ocean Co. :)

I am in no way living plastic free and am at the very start of my own low waste journey, but I want to share my personal progress and my family's story with you. Which I hope will help to educate and inform others about why reducing plastic waste is not only important for today, but even more important for our future. And if I can share a few great products to help you on your journey, then even better.

I look forward to sharing my low waste story with you!

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